Yoga and mindfulness for every...body!

Yoga for Schools

Schools & Pre-Schools

We believe EVERY child should have access to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice which can help to reduce anxiety, build resilience and the ability to cope with stress and difficult situations.

Yoga for Pre-Schools

During classes for pre-school age children, we may embark on a magical adventure around the world, to the farm, zoo, park, space, beach etc, igniting imaginations and exploring movement in a fun and expressive way. We use bright, interactive and colourful props, favourite stories, rhymes, songs, sensory play and games to engage the children. We practice a variety of breathing exercises; yoga poses and we encourage quiet time with some relaxation. Yoga and mindfulness classes fit in with the early year's foundation stage curriculum and can be personalised to any relevant topic or theme.

Yoga for Schools

Yoga has many benefits for schools it can help to improve children’s performance in sports, improve social cohesion and supports academic learning. Yoga sessions can be tailored to suit smaller groups or whole classes of 30 children, the emphasis being on transferable skills that can be carried forward into school and the children’s everyday lives. With over 15years’ experience working with children and young people in education and the community, Zoe can offer sessions as after-school clubs, workshops, lunchtime calm clubs, assemblies, intervention teaching for vulnerable learners during the school day or as part of the PE or PSCHE curriculum. We can facilitate yoga retreat days for staff or deliver bespoke yoga and mindfulness 6-week programmes for KS1 and KS2 children.

Yoga and mindfulness are a highly appropriate use of the School Sports Premium, Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium Plus funding with vulnerable and disengaged learners being a priority for intervention. Zoe has significant experience of working with vulnerable groups experiencing anxiety, depression, disengagement from learning and other presentations resulting from difficulties at home, social pressures or exam pressures.

Some schools prefer to use yoga and mindfulness in Planning, Preparation and Assessment time. This can often be a useful way of delivering aspects of the curriculum whilst also ensuring the budget that would have been spent on covering a class teacher is used to deliver specific aspects of the PE, PSHE or SMSC curriculum. We recognise the budget challenges that many schools face and can help to tailor pieces of work to meet the priority need of the students and school.

We are currently in the processes of developing our new and exciting Yoga Moves Schools trainings for teachers, please contact us to find out more!

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“Yoga is something that every child should be taught as a life skill. It is a practice that enables them to understand and experience how their bodies and minds work, and puts maintenance of their physical and mental wellbeing within their own control”

– Dr Peter Davies, School of Integrated Health at the University of Westminster


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