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We have asked Zoe to run a number of yoga events at our school over the past year. Our latest one has been an after school club focussing on well-being and mental health through yoga. The children who attended the club all showed an improvement in confidence and well-being and shared that they enjoyed the yoga activities that Zoe provided because it made them feel important and relaxed.
Sports Coach, Palm Bay Primary School.
Yoga is really good for me, it is relaxing and helps me to calm down when I get stressed or when my anxiety kicks in. I then use my yoga methods such as deep breathing and positive thoughts.
Year 9 Student
My daughter has been doing yoga with Zoe for over 2 years now. The sessions have really helped to develop her strength and flexibility as she is hypermobile. We have also noticed an improvement in her self-esteem and anxiety and it helps her to focus. Yoga has also encouraged her to be comfortable in her own skin and benefits her well-being.
Parent of Year 7 Student
Zoe’s yoga classes come highly recommended and have worked wonders for my daughters self esteem & confidence. She loves attending and is always so excited to go. Zoe has taught her lots of useful strategies to help her to over come the anxious thoughts and feelings she sometimes has. We are so grateful for all you have done for Maisy!! Keep up the amazing work!
Parent of Year 6 Student
I can’t recommend Nyla yoga enough! My daughter suffers with anxiety and Zoe has taught her and myself breathing and calming exercises to do when she’s feeling worried which really help her.  Zoe is brilliant with the children and makes the sessions so much fun. My daughter absolutely loves it!
Parent of Year 2 Student



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