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Teen Yoga


Being a Teenager is tough! At times young people need more than anyone to release the everyday stresses and pressures of their lives. Their bodies are changing at an accelerated pace, hormones are suddenly active, and emotions can feel intense and uncontrollable. Throw into the mix the preoccupation with body image and social pressures and this can be a very challenging time of life.

Yoga can really help! It is way more than flexibility, it helps young people express, create and develop a nurturing internal voice to encourage every individual to be all they can be while accepting what they are not. It encourages self-awareness and connection between body mind and spirit, improves focus and concentration, regulates healthy sleep patterns, engages the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest), helps to improve confidence, self esteem and self worth. Yoga also offers a safe space for community, connection and self expression, is non-competitive, reduces anxiety, improves mental health and teaches emotional literacy.

We understand the neuroscience of the adolescent brain, anatomical changes within the body and how to support young people through this transitional time in to adulthood. Students are encouraged to explore the potential of their bodies, recognise their power to adapt to change and notice the connection between physical, mental and inner peace. 


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