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Improves Social Cohesion
Is non-competitive
Teaches emotional regulation skills

1 in 8, 5 to 19 year olds have Mental Health issues.

35% of these children have SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Child Mental Health referrals have increased by 26% in the last 5 years


Nyla Yoga

Yoga and Mindfulness in East Kent

Nyla Yoga resides by the seaside in Ramsgate, Kent.

We use various mindfulness practices, including breathing techniques, mindful craft activities, yoga asana, visualisations, meditations, mudras, guided imagery, mantras, positive affirmation, positive psychology, NLP techniques and more, all of which are delivered age appropriately.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient yogis lived in the forest, the mountains, and the caves of India. They observed their environment and saw how the animals and nature moved in perfect harmony. They imitated the movements of the animals, the trees, the mountains, even the stars, sun and moon and created a wonderful technique that is called yoga.

What is Children’s Yoga?

Unlike adult yoga children are not isolated to their own mats we use partner, group poses, cooperative games, self-expression and creativity to develop communication, teamwork, social skills and confidence…………. It is always more fun to do yoga together! We co-create classes with the children incorporating fun and creative games, songs, props, music, stories, acro yoga, dance and drama allowing them to freely express themselves and reconnect with nature.

Starting yoga at an early age builds a solid foundation for positive long-term health & wellbeing. By regularly practising this ancient art and science children can blossom into adulthood healthier with stronger bodies, clear minds and kind hearts.
Today’s children find themselves growing up in challenging times, we aim to restore balance and harmony through the magic of yoga!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a superpower that enables us to simply notice what is happening in the here and now.

Mindfulness practice is paying attention on purpose to how your body feels, what you see, hear, smell and taste or even noticing your thoughts without judging or reacting to them.
Children are naturally mindful but once they start school most children start to follow in our footsteps and can develop more regular worries and anxieties. By training our minds to become more present we think less about the past and worry less about the future, we can learn to enjoy being in the here and now.

Thousands of studies have documented the many physical and mental health benefits of mindful practices such as helping to improve mind-body connections, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and increase happiness. In fact, the regular mindful practice can even help to re-wire our brains!

Zoe’s mindful programmes draws techniques from several schools and traditions such as Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat Zin.

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If you would like yoga and mindfulness for your organisation, nursery, school or require more information about how we can help your child become the best versions of themselves then please contact us ….

1 in 8, 5 to 19 year olds have Mental Health issues.

35% of these children have Special Educational Needs

Child Mental Health referrals have increased by 26% in the last 5 years.

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why childrens yoga?

improves strength
& flexibilty

helps to balance
mind & body

improves concentration
& focus

increases self confidence & self esteem

builds co-ordination
& balance


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